Healthy eating

We rarely find the time to stop and think a moment about our health. Yet we very often suffer from health problems related to our lifestyles, stress and poor nutrition. So the best recipe may be precisely to listen more closely to our bodies, understand their needs and change any bad habits.

eko11I am a cyclist. For twenty years I have been professionally involved in this beautiful sport. I have won an Olympic silver medal and two world championship medals. I was the first Polish rider to turn professional. I have competed many times in the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France. During my career, I won around 200 races. I currently organize the largest cycling race in this part of Europe – the Tour de Pologne, as well as many other cycling events for both amateurs and professionals.

While actually competing in this sport, I didn’t think too much about nutrition. Back then, there wasn’t much talk about the impact of food on the performance of competitors and their health. After my career, my health began to deteriorate; I had a weight problem, atrial fibrillation, and in addition Meniere’s disease and Lyme disease. These proved very serious and although medication cured the symptoms, this did not solve the essential problems.

In 2011, my wife Elżbieta and I decided to visit a clinic in Mexico that offers the Gerson therapy, a treatment for cancer and chronic diseases by natural methods. The research carried out by Max Gerson, as well as the Italian oncologist Umberto Veronesi and the American biochemist Colin Campbell has had an enormous impact on our metabolism. For three weeks, I purified my system using a vegan diet. The symptoms of my illnesses cleared up within just the first week.

That was the beginning of a new lifestyle. My wife, who helped me keep to the diet, decided to expand her knowledge on the subject of healthy eating and completed postgraduate studies, specializing in nutrition. In accordance with recommendations, we together maintained a strict diet for six months and then decided to stay on it. For several years we have been vegan. As a result I lost about 15 kilos, went back to daily workouts, and my condition began to improve at an unprecedented pace. I regained not only my health, but also a joy of life and an athletic figure, which improves with each year.

We would like to pass on to you our experience of a healthy and active life at the Eco Farm (Eko Folwark) centre for ecological purification. Many of our friends and acquaintances have already benefited from what the centre provides and are delighted with the effects. At the Eco Farm you will soon be convinced of the salutary effects of a vegan diet, a fruit and vegetable juices purification treatment, and detox. Here you will meet a friendly staff and gain a new will to live.

Eco Farm is located in a restored palace in Barnów that dates from 1786. This majestic building is located within the Słupia Valley Landscape Park, surrounded by beautiful forests and fields, where you can find peace, tranquillity and inner harmony. The nearby forests are home to roe deer, red deer and wild boar, while buzzards, hawks and eagles soar in the air above. Within a radius of several kilometres extend fields of organically grown crops, which fit perfectly into the Eco Farm landscape.