The Tour de Pologne peleton

“The Tour de Pologne peleton” is an exhibition of several dozen paintings, drawings and sketches that capture in a unique way the atmosphere of the peleton. The inspiration for these works came from conversations with Bogdan Tuszyński – the legendary sports commentator and great cycling fan. He infected me with his love of cycling. He talked about the early beginnings of the race, when cyclists in the interwar years were the only athletes to go out to the people, the impoverished residents of small towns and villages. And he said I’ve got to paint that. And so I went to work and painted – says Ireneusz Chmurzyński, the author of the works. These paintings were completed over the space of the last two years, and during this year’s Tour de Pologne, the artist also created about 250 drawings and sketches, some of which have gone on show in the gallery of the Olympic Centre in Warsaw. There you can also see a portrait of Feliks Więcek, the first winner of the Round Poland Race, and portraits of Marian Więckowski, Andrzej Mierzejewski and Dariusz Baranowski, the only cyclists to win the Tour de Pologne three times.


I am delighted that cycling could at last boast an artist able to transfer to canvas all the excitement and colour of the leading pack. These are unique works that will go down in history. In addition, they show just what an interesting discipline cycling is. Success, drama and dynamics – all these are captured in this exhibition. And this is just the beginning. After the exhibition, we will be organizing a mobile museum, a form of travelling gallery that will visit various cities. For many Tour de Pologne events, starts and finish line stages we will be organizing an exhibition to show those interested in art what a truly unique sport cycling is.