Attractions at the annual St. Hubert’s hunt in Barnowo

The St. Hubert Hunt for children has been held for the fourth time in Barnów. Elżbieta and Czesław Lang, the hosts of the event, provided a host of equestrian and cycling activities for the youngest participants. To briefly summarise the St. Hubert Hunt for children in Barnów, there were games and competitions for the youngest children, a cycling race called the Czesław Lang Cup for older children, the now traditional fox chase and refreshments by a bonfire. For the fourth time Elżbieta and Czesław Lang organized a wonderful event that combines two passions – cycling and horse riding. We aim to promote a healthy, active lifestyle, and this type of event is perfectly suited to that ethos – says the director of the Tour de Pologne race.

Lots of people for whom horses and bicycles are a true passion turned up on Saturday in Barnów. Also there were of course plenty of children there, taking part in the competitions and games. They also had the opportunity to visit the stables, see horses up close and go riding with an instructor. An important part of the agenda was the cycling race for the Czesław Lang Cup, as well as the fox chase. Last year, Czesław Lang himself proved best in this game and this time he played the role of the fox, fleeing on horseback from those giving chase.

The St. Hubert Hunt in Barnów was not only organized to promote horse riding and cycling, but was also a great opportunity to integrate with the environment. It proved to be a great day, because plenty of participants turned up, the weather was fine and the mood was festive.